Graduate Representative Council (GRC)

GRC is the GSA’s policy-making body, comprised of graduate student representatives from all departments with active Departmental Graduate Association. It provides direction to the Executive on the political, financial and operational matters of the GSA.

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2018 – 2019 Meeting Schedule

Tuesday October 30, 2018, ST147 (Science Theater)
Tuesday November 27, 2018, Theater 1 (Health Sciences Centre)
Tuesday January 29, 2019, SA 106
Tuesday February 26, 2019, ST 147
Tuesday March 26, 2019, Theater 1 (Health Sciences Centre)
Tuesday April 30, 2019, ST 147
Tuesday May 28, 2019, ST 147

Annual General Meeting: September 25, 2018, Last Defence Lounge

For questions or information, please email the Governance Coordinator at


GRC Documents
2018 – 2019


GRC Digest
January 2019

Welcome to the January 2019 edition of the GRC Digest: Featuring highlights from the January GRC Meeting at UCalgary

Understanding Copyright Law (Rowena Johnson, Copyright Officer)
Copyright compliance is a critical issue, but the Copyright Office is here to provide guidance! With the November 2012 Modernized Copyright Act, it includes Educational Exceptions and outlines Copyright Fair Dealing. If you are unsure about whether you are compliant, please reach out to the Copyright Office (

Executive Reports

President – Brit Paris
GSA Elections Are Open! Please contact Brit ( with questions about becoming the next GSA President! It is a great experience to get involved with the UCalgary community and form relationships with the University President and Provost!

The GSA is currently undergoing a new session of strategic planning, as our Peer Beyond Strategic Plan ends this year. To have your voice heard, join one of our Strategic Planning Focus Groups, email to sign up!

Vice President Academic – Elena Favaro
Please contact Elena ( with questions about becoming the next GSA Vice President Academic! It is a great experience to make the academic lives of graduate students better!

We have set up two Bystander Intervention Training Workshops specific for graduate students. Sign up here:

All of the Award intakes are currently closed, with the exception of the IDEA Awards, which have been extended to February 18! Make sure to get your application in. Please, when you apply, double check your application for completeness.

Vice President External – Marcela Lopes
Please contact Marcela ( with questions about becoming the next GSA Vice President External! It is a great experience to make a difference, particularly through lobbying municipally, provincially and federally!

The University Senate has chosen the 2019 Lecture of a Lifetime (May 2, 2019), stay tuned for more information!

Vice President Student Life – Mina Iskander
Please contact Mina ( with questions about becoming the next GSA Vice President Student Life! It is a great opportunity to be involved and influence the student experience!

We are hosting Coffee Events across campus! In January we were at the Downtown Campus and last week were at Alberta Children’s Hospital. Keep an eye out for where we will be next!

Vice President Finance and Services – Mohammad Mansouri
Please contact Mohammad ( with questions about becoming the next GSA Vice President Finances and Services! It is a great experience, especially if you are interested in the Health and Dental Plan!

We received 4 Health and Dental Plan Proposals and are currently reviewing offers. We will present more information at the next GRC.

Next GRC we will be voting on GSA General Fees, and are proposing a 2% increase to GSA Fees ($3.19 increase, from $159.65 to $162.84), which will allow the GSA to address inflation, convert the part-time researcher to a full-time Research Coordinator (to advocate for you better!) and increase Senior Leadership Team Fellowships.
To read the full Executive Reports for January 2019, please refer to the GRC meeting email that was sent in January or email for a copy.

GSA Election open for nominations!

The GSA Election is accepting nominations for the following positions: President, VP External, VP Academic, VP Student Life, VP Finance and Services, AVP Labour, and LRC Faculty Representatives. Learn about these roles and how to nominate yourself or another graduate student HERE. Nomination period ends February 19 at 4:30 pm.

Next Meeting

The next GRC Meeting will be held on February 26, 2019 at UCalgary. Please keep an eye out for your GRC email with the location, agenda, and documents next month!


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