GSA Services

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program helps graduate students attain their desired career goal – whether it’s re-entering industry after graduation (as 70 per cent of grad students do) or continuing with academe. This program is free, and helps grad students make professional contacts by pairing students with a mentor in their field of interest.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are part of a unique policy developed via ongoing consultation between the University of Calgary and the Graduate Students’ Association. This documentation ensures that graduate students on campus are afforded fair treatment with regards to their time as teaching assistants on campus – their hours, their place and style of work, the workload they are asked to contend with, and the resources at their disposal. Every grad student should be familiar with this document.

Departmental Graduate Associations (DGAs)

Since May 2008, the GSA’s Departmental Graduate Student Association Policy has encouraged the growth of DGAs on campus. Thanks to this policy, the GSA has revolutionized social engagement, academic involvement, and communication methods and strategies for graduate students. Don’t have a DGA in your department? It’s easy to form one!

Quality Money Program

The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) of the University of Calgary is committed to enhancing the student experience. Quality Money initiatives and grants are one way that the GSA returns to the student community. Emphasis is placed upon proposals which impact the majority of students, promote multidisciplinary interactions, and integrate sustainable initiatives.
Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) Quality Money Handbook

Financial Support: GSA Awards, Grants & Bursaries

In addition to a wide variety of academic initiatives and special resources, we offer dedicated funding for students who find themselves in financial need or require financial support for non-degree-related research /academic projects.

Workshops Offered By the GSA

These are wide-variety of academic, health and professional skill workshops. They are free and open to all grad students, but you must RSVP in order participate!

Champagne Request Form

Learn more about how you can receive your celebratory bottle of champagne or non-alcoholic sparkling wine for successfully completing your oral defense. In a course-based masters? You’re covered as well.

Student Ombuds Office

Kevin Wiens, of the Student Ombuds Office, can assist you with term and final grade reappraisals, appeals of academic and non-academic violations and other issues affecting your academic progress at the university.

Health & Dental Services

The GSA is pleased to provide students with a variety of ways in which to make the most of their health and dental care coverage while on or off campus.