2017 Executive Elections

On February 21, nominations closed for the GSA Executive positions. Of the 5 positions, 4 of them were acclaimed. The position of Vice President Academic was be contested. Voting took place on March 13 and 14, 2017.


Brit Paris

Vice President External

Willem Klumpenhouwer

Vice President Student Life

Taha Afyouni

Vice President
Finance & Services

Christiana Manzocco

Vice President

Negar Mohammadi

The 2016-2017 GSA Board of Directors

The GSA held a by election on Tuesday April, 26 for the positions of VP External and VP Academic. Abu Abdelhafiz of the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering received the most votes and will be the next VP Academic. Yang Yang Fang of Community Health Sciences recieved the most votes and will be the new VP External. The 2016-2017 GSA Board of Directors are:

Sam Hossack

Abubaker Abdelhafiz
Vice President Academic

Xiao (Yang Yang) Fang
Vice President External

Adrianne Offenbecker
Vice President Student Life

Arash Afshar
Vice President Finance & Services