Want to run for a GSA executive position?

A GSA executive position can be incredibly rewarding. Executives build invaluable professional experience and expand their network by leaps and bounds.

Follow these recommended steps before you take the leap and run for an executive position:

Talk to an executive member


Contact our President or VPs and schedule a meeting to talk about your interest in the role. Any of our executive would be happy to discuss their position, and what is involved in the job.

Attend a Graduate Representative Council (GRC) meeting


GRC meetings happen on the last Tuesday of every month from October to May and are open to all graduate students. These meetings are filled with information on what the GSA does and how the executive members serve our students.

Talk to your supervisor


This is very important. An executive position is a big commitment and your supervisor should know about your interest in running and how this may affect your schedule.

Volunteer with the GSA


Nothing will give you more insight into the GSA than volunteering with the organization. Whether it’s sitting on one of our many committees, or helping out with an event, we’d welcome your support!

The 2017-2018 GSA Board of Directors

Brit Paris

Negar Mohammadi
Vice President Academic

Willem Klumpenhouwer
Vice President External

Taha Afyouni
Vice President Student Life

Christiana Manzocco
Vice President Finance & Services