Dec 31, 2019 to Jan 13, 2020

GSA Bursary
Winter intake period

October 14 - 28, 2019

GSA Bursary
Fall intake period

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We understand and respect that asking for financial help can be difficult. Personal information provided in applications is kept confidential, and only disclosed for processing payment. No information is shared with applicant’s departments.

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GSA Bursary

Fall intake: October 14 – 28, 2019

Winter intake: December 31, 2019 – January 13, 2020

Intakes are now closed. 

Applications are due at 4:00 pm MT on the last day of the intake periods (applications received after this time will NOT be accepted).

The GSA Bursary is available in the fall and winter terms. These bursaries are meant to ease the financial strain faced by our active GSA members.

Applications can be submitted by clicking the “Submit application” button at the top of this page.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your application is complete before submission. Only COMPLETE applications will be accepted for review. Do NOT apply before or after the intake period dates.

For information on the GSA Bursary, please contact awards.gsa@ucalgary.ca.

Notes: Please review the Bursary Application Form and Terms of Reference before applying. Use the documents below to apply. (Older application forms will not be accepted)

Emergency Bursary

The GSA accepts Emergency Bursary applications year-round.
The Emergency Bursary is provided to assist graduate students in meeting an emergency/temporary need by bridging a financial gap that would otherwise impede the students’ ability to complete their studies. These funds are provided by the University of Calgary through a Memorandum of Understanding with the GSA, and are processed and managed jointly by the GSA, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Human Resources.

You must complete the application in full and attach supporting documents that relate to the emergent/temporary need. If details/attachments are missing, this could delay the review of your application. Please note, approvals are not guaranteed.

For information on Emergency Bursaries and to submit your application, contact governance.gsa@ucalgary.ca

It is ideal if you submit your application as a “flattened” (not editable) PDF file to minimize transmission issues when submitting. Also, please do not lock or password protect the PDF, this prevents the GSA from anonymizing the file to protect your information. 

Please review the Terms of Reference and use the NEW Application Form below for your application. Submit only when your application is complete. Complete all sections of the application and provide accurate details in the budget.

*Please try to save your PDF as a “flattened” file. 

*It is important that you attach pertinent relevant documents to support the claims or financial deficit in your application. 

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