Vision and Mission

The GSA Strategic Plan Development Working Group was formed in October 2022 to work on developping the GSA's 2023-26 Strategic Plan with the support of an external facilitator. The plan was presented to the GSA Graduate Representative Council in March 2023 and was approved for implementation. The GSA Strategic Planning Document includes renewed vision and mission statements, organizational values, areas of focus, and the three top priorities for the GSA over the next three years.

Strategic Planning Document 2023 - 2026


A community of highly engaged and thriving UCalgary graduate students.


To ensure needed services, communities, advocacy, and growth opportunities are available and accessible for all UCalgary graduate students.


  • Broaden and Deepen Student Engagement - Ensure diverse student voice, participation, and leadership are embedded in GSA services and advocacy.
  • Address Critical Barriers to Thriving - Alleviate financial barriers, mental health barriers, and other emergent barriers through service delivery, collaboration, and advocacy.
  • Grow Organizational Capacities - Strengthen organizational infrastructure, competencies, and culture to sustainably benefit UCalgary’s growing and diverse graduate student community.

What We Do

  • Deliver Valued Services - Address graduate student needs that are not met elsewhere
  • Advocate Student Priorities - Champion understanding of graduate student experiences and influence positive change
  • Connect and Build Community - Support student-led initiatives that foster connections within and across academic disciplines and personal identities.
  • Offer Growth Opportunities - Provide networking, skill building, volunteer and leadership opportunities that enhance graduate student growth

Guiding Values

  • Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Accessibility
  • Student Voice
  • Balanced Well-Being
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Collaboration