Financial Support

The GSA provides financial support to graduate students and distributes more than over $1.1 million of awards, bursaries, grants, and Quality Money in the 2022-2023 academic year. Take advantage of these opportunities for any student initiatives, financial strain, or professional development.


The GSA Bursary is available in the fall and winter terms. The GSA Support Bursary and Emergency Bursary are available year-round. These bursaries are meant to ease the financial strain faced by our active GSA members.
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Professional Development Grants

The GSA offers the Professional Development Grant twice per year for qualified conferences, workshops, or academic presentations, etc.
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Quality Money Program

Quality Money initiatives and grants are one way that the GSA returns to the student community. Emphasis is placed upon proposals which impact the majority of students, promote multidisciplinary interactions, and integrate sustainable initiatives.
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