Volunteer Recruitment Program

Connecting graduate students to their community

The GSA is pleased to extend volunteer opportunities to graduate students matching their skills and passions, where they can lend their expertise and enrich their experience.

Through volunteering you will:

  • Expand your resume
  • Enrich your student experience
  • Learn new skills
  • Fulfill your interests
  • Help shape your community
  • Contribute and improve our society
  • Make friends and have fun
Current Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a Graduate Student looking for volunteer opportunities?

When you complete and send your Volunteer Application Form, we will contact you and let you know about opportunities as they arise.

Volunteering with the GSA is your first possible step to becoming a future GSA board member.

The GSA connects you with organizations extending external volunteer opportunities. We will make every effort to find the role that makes the most of your abilities and fulfills your interests.

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Are you an Organization seeking volunteers?

The GSA can assist your organization—at no cost—in recruiting qualified candidates for your volunteer positions. When you complete and send the Volunteer Opportunity Form, we will connect you with graduate students, meeting your requirements, who are interested in your services and available to volunteer.

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Volunteer Testimonials

Jacob Varghese

“Volunteering with the GSA allows for myself to contribute to the campus community through a multidisciplinary team of like-minded students with a common interest in making the campus community a better place for all graduate students. My experiences have been invaluable in developing teamwork and critical thinking skills, while also exposing me to the ideas, experiences, and needs of the graduate student community at UofC.”

Jacob Varghese
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Member of the GSA Awards Committee (2020-21)


“My opportunity to volunteer on the judicial review board enlightened me to the need for careful consideration of all student concerns, and the importance of providing a safe environment for students to express their concerns to be dealt with in a fair and just manner.”

Megan Thomas
Cumming School of Medicine
Member of the GSA Judicial Board (2020-21)


“As a graduate student, being a part of GSA is more than just providing assistance and cooperating together to make the journey of every Ucalgary student a memorable one. I have been blessed to receive guidance at various steps in my education journey and since it's my turn now to circle that back to upcoming students, I feel like rolling back years while working on events. The experience with GSA is a holistic blend of learning skills, developing meaningful relationships, experiencing the Ucalgary from inner circles and all these while being just another student amongst thousands here. My journey with GSA has just begun and looks like a long term relationship to me.”

Akash Yadav
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Member of the GSA Newcomers and International Students Subcommittee (2020-21)


"Volunteering with GSA provides a sense of involvement with the community. Giving back to the community we are a part of is a great feeling. Also, you meet many like minded people and make some awesome friends along the way! Learning the working of a committee is worth devoting time to volunteer activities."

Mohak Maniar
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Member of the GSA Events Subcommittee (2020-21)


“Joining UofC just when the pandemic started, I was facing a lot of emotional stress due to cultural adaptation and academic life in Canada, I also didn't have any friends. I wanted to volunteer so I could meet new people, learn more about what the GSA does and feel better with myself after such a difficult time. It was completely worth it.”