Current GSA Volunteer Opportunities

Graduate Student Representatives for University Appeals Committee (UAC)  and University Appeals Tribunal (UAT)

Application Deadline – August 31, 4 pm MT

Role: Following the recent approval of the new Student Misconduct and Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures, which will be effective as of January 1, 2019, the Graduate Students Association is seeking appointment of six (6) full-time graduate students who are in good academic standing to the University Appeals Committee (UAC) and three (3) full-time graduate students who are in good academic standing to the University Appeals Tribunal (UAT), as per the UAC and UAT procedures. More detailed information can be found in the application form.
Time Commitment: Three (3) UAC and one (1) UAT hearings shall be scheduled per month, which will be convened as needed to make decisions regarding appeals.
Application: Complete the application form and email to

Supporting documents:

Mental Health & Wellness Sub-Committee

Application Deadline – August 15, 11:59 pm MT

Role: Equip students with key skills and knowledge, enable positive social connection and eradicate the stigma around mental health! We work closely with campus groups to understand student needs and organize useful training workshops and fun social activities.
Time commitment: Minimum of 2 hours per month.
Application: Email a statement of interest (why you want to join us and what you plan to do as part of the committee) and your CV to

GSA Gender and Sexuality Alliance ([GSA]^2) Sub-Committee

Application Deadline – August 18, 11:59 pm MT

Role: [GSA]2 serves the LGBTQIA+ and allies graduate student body at the University of Calgary. Through education and networking events, the committee works to increase the visibility of gender and sexual minorities within the university and the broader LGBTQIA+ community of Calgary.
Time commitment: Between 5 – 10 hours per month.
Application: Send a brief statement of interest (150 words maximum) and your CV to

Awards Committee

Application Deadline – August 24, 11:59 pm MT

Role: Awards Committee members evaluate GSA award, bursary, scholarship, and grant applications to help fund graduate students.
Time commitment: Members are expected to commit to an orientation meeting, two evaluations (one per semester), and an awards committee meeting after each evaluation. Further meetings may be required as needed.
Application: Please send a CV with a short paragraph as to why you want to join the awards committee to

Newcomer & International Student Sub-Committee

Application Deadline – August 24, 11:59 pm MT

Role: Want to improve the graduate student experience for newcomer and international students while adding to your CV? Apply for the GSA’s Newcomer and International Students’ Committee. NISC plans events and advocates on behalf of newcomer and international students.
Time commitment: 5 – 10 hours per month.
Application: If you are interested, please submit an up-to-date CV and 200-word statement of interest to

Community Engagement and Events Sub-Committee

Application Deadline – August 25, 11:59 pm MT

Role: Enhance the graduate students’ experience and gain event organizing and teamwork skills while meeting other members of the GSA. Assist in event planning and organizing activities to help graduate students’ connect and engage with their peers and community.
Time Commitment: 3 – 4 hours per week.
Application: Send your application in HERE and email your CV to

Governance Committee

Application Deadline – September 9, 11:59 pm MT

Role: This committee principally advises the President on the governance of the GSA, pursuant to the provisions of the GSA Bylaws and the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA). We draft, recommend, and amend bylaws and other governance practices and policies for both the GSA as a whole and the smaller DGAs (Departmental Graduate Associations).
Time Commitment: Members are expected to commit to approximately 1 – 2 meetings per month.
Application: Email a short statement of interest (one paragraph max.) to the Governance Committee Chair at