Current GSA Volunteer Opportunities

These volunteer opportunities are available through the GSA Volunteer Recruitment Program. If you would like hear more about external opportunities, please sign up to our volunteer list to receive these opportunities in your mail box as soon as they are available. Sign up HERE

The Labour Relations Committee is looking for Representatives in selected faculties

The Labour Relations Committee is looking for second representatives in the following faculties: Schulich School of Engineering and Faculty of Science.

Labour Relations Committee members play an active role in deciding how the GSA handles labour issues surrounding our Collective Agreement with the University of Calgary. This includes workforce outreach and mobilization initiatives, grievance handling, and bargaining.  No experience is necessary; however all members must be an Academically Employed Graduate Student (must have held a GA(R), GA(T), or GA(NT) in the last 12 months).

Time Commitment: Approximately one meeting per month (1-1.5 hours + 1 hour preparation). In addition, members are encouraged to host outreach sessions to their faculty, subject to their availability.

Application: Please send a statement of interest (max. 300 words) and proof of a recent Graduate Assistantship (paystub, etc.) to

Volunteer for the GSA Community Engagement Subcommittee

If you are looking for opportunities to get involved and give back, this is the chance. The GSA is recruiting for members for the GSA Community Engagement Subcommittee.

The Community Engagement Subcommittee (CES) seeks to create diverse and deep-rooted connections to the larger Calgary community. Our goal is to help position graduate students to impactfully contribute to their communities while also advancing their professional development. To do this, we are recruiting graduate students with a passion for community networking, a strategic mindset to form new connections, and a desire to inform and mobilize the graduate student body to partake in community engagements.

Time Commitment: Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and to help with events (5-10 hours a month)

Application: Please send your statement of interest (maximum 300 words) to