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The GSA provides a strong foundation for our members and community by offering valued services and programs that support and empower graduate students during and after their academic endeavors. We create an environment built on fiscal sustainability, social engagement, and effective representation.

GSA Committees

Want to be more involved and take on leadership positions within the GSA? There are multiple committees that work on projects to improve student experience at UCalgary for you to join. Why not apply to be a member or chair/vice chair of our committees? Recruitment for these positions usually happens over the spring/summer!
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Departmental Graduate Associations (DGAs)

DGAs are graduate student associations representing academic departments at the GSA’s Graduate Representative Council (GRC). DGAs also organize events and programs for members with funding support from the GSA.
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Graduate Student Groups

Any graduate students can start a GSG based on cultural, academic, or special interests. The GSA encourages the activities of GSGs with funding and event support.
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Current GSA Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with the GSA! The GSA offers hundreds of opportunities to volunteer for events, committees, or external organizations through our Volunteer Recruitment Program.
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