Quality Money Program

The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) of the University of Calgary is committed to enhancing the student experience. Quality Money initiatives and grants are one way that the GSA returns to the student community.

Emphasis is placed upon proposals which impact the majority of students, promote multidisciplinary interactions, and integrate sustainable initiatives. Please review the Quality Money handbook for more details and eligibility.

Hosting an online conference, workshop series, or event due to in-person attendance restrictions? These projects may qualify as well. Please email governance.gsa@ucalgary.ca if you have questions.

NOTE: All Quality Money applications are now required to outline how Covid may affect your in-person event and detail steps you will take for safety and following provincial, municipal, and university guidelines. Add information to your budget as well if necessary.

Please review the following links for event requirements:

Quality Money Handbook & Forms


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  • First intake

    Opens August 1, 2022 12:00 am MT
    Deadline August 15, 2022 11:59 pm MT

  • Second intake

    Opens October 1, 2022 12:00 am MT
    Deadline October 15, 2022 11:59 pm MT

  • Third intake

    Opens January 1, 2023 12:00 am MT
    Deadline January 15, 2023 11:59 pm MT

  • Fourth intake

    Opens February 21, 2023 12:00 MT
    Deadline March 7, 2023 11:59 pm MT

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Bridging the Department Gap Project

When Suzanne Chew, a PhD international student in the Department of Geography, first started at the University of Calgary, Suzanne faced many struggles with her mental health, and as she was looking for solutions for herself, she decided to take on any mental health trainings available at the University of Calgary and help other graduate students in her department. The Quality Money fund she received for the project Bridging the Department Gap creates two GANT positions that focus on immediate mental health support and long-term recommendations for the GeoGSA and the Department.

Read about this project here

3-Day Mandatory Hotel Stay Support Program

In April 2020, when the Government of Canada introduced further restrictions on international travel and mandated a 3-day mandatory hotel stay for all travellers entering Canada, the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) initiated a unique program called the 3-Day Mandatory Hotel Stay Support Program. This program was funded jointly by GSA Quality Money and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and administered by FGS staff. The program was a success in supporting 140 graduate students with the financial cost of the hotel stay and the logistical challenges that these students faced when they first arrived in Canada. Join the GSA in exploring this program and its impact in supporting graduate students.

Quality Money Funded Projects


Total Quality Money fund distributed: $155.330

  • Mitacs Workshop Series
  • CEGS Social and Professional Development
  • 1st Annual CARE Conference -  Intersections of Gender, Disability and Care work: Finding Strength in Sharing Stories (Academic and Community-based Conference)
  • Enhance graduate student science communication skills through novel events and projects in parasitology incorporating various cross-disciplinary formats
  • Mehregan Festival
  • CSSDP Calgary Harm Reduction Seminar and Training Series
  • Council of Foothills Departmental Graduate Association (CFD DGA)
  • Voices on the Margins Symposium and Supporting the Set-up of the Graduate Student Led Research Working Group
  • Voice and Marginality at the Nexus of Racism and Colonialism at the Calgary Institute for the Humanities
  • Communications Retreat
  • 2022 Graduate Student Research Symposium
  • Urban Farming and Black Land Sovereignty - Seminar…
  • Calgary Women's Health Research Symposium
  • Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Neuroscience
  • 10th Annual University of Calgary Philosophy Graduate Student Conference
  • RLASS Symposium 2022
  • Intersectionality Panel Series
  • Foothills Indigenous Relations Book Club
  • MPPSA Blog
  • GSA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) 2021-2022 Event Series
  • CEGS Social and Professional Development
  • 6th Annual School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) Research Conference
  • 7th Annual PHAS Symposium (Online Event)
  • Alberta Graduate Mathematics and Statistics Conference
  • The Open Science Student Support Group (OSSSG)
  • Innovation 4 Health - 2022
  • Banff Symposium on Organic Chemistry (BSOC) - 10th Iteration
  • 6th Biological Sciences Graduate Symposium
  • The PAM Talks
  • Connecting Through Sharing Educational Experiences to Promote Transformative Teaching and Learning
  • SAPL Year End Show
  • 2022 VMGSA Lake Barrier Writing Retreat
  • CGSA Room (Science A 223) Renovation
  • Calgary Optics and Photonics Student Society and UofC Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students Association Bi-Weekly Seminar Series
  • Silvercloud Online Therapy
  • Nowruz Celebration (Persian New Year)
  • Promoting Well-being and Strengthening Relationships in the Werklund School of Education Community
  • Leaders in Medicine - Transition to Medicine Workshop

Read more about featured GSA Quality Money projects here


  • Building Bridges Initiative (2nd Year)
  • GSA Sports Tournaments
  • Free Coffee Mornings
  • CEGS Social & Professional Development
  • Innovation for Health
  • PHAS Welcome Back BBQ
  • Transcultural Dialogues in World Cinema Workshop
  • Cultivation Compassion Training
  • Fresh & Fast Case Competition 2019
  • Analytical &Industrial Workshops, and Research Talks
  • Tapestries of Learning Symposium
  • Let's Talk Science
  • StemCellTalks 8th Annual Symposium
  • 9th Annual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference
  • 2020 Graduate Student Research Symposium
  • Computational Linguistics Indutry Panel
  • SEDV Experiental Learning
  • November 2019 Stair Challenge
  • thinking ahead
  • Graduate computer science lounge renovation
  • COPSS & UofC NanoGroup Colloquium Bi-weekly seminar series
  • Coding workshop for engineers
  • YYC Policy blog (phase 2)
  • Promoting graduate student wellness and diversity at Foothills campus
  • Sustainability hands-on workshop series
  • Free exchange interdisciplinary graduate conference
  • AnArky Talk Series
  • Students on sustainability
  • ANARKY Conference
  • GSA Awards Website
  • ChemEscape
  • 57th Annual Geography Department Conference
  • 5th Annual PHAS Symposium
  • Cumming School of Medicine Symposium
  • Graduate Student Spanish Classes
  • School of Architecture, Planning, Landscape Year End Show
  • Confounding Expectations: Music in the Information Age
  • Alberta Graduate Mathematics & Statistics Conference (AGMSC)
  • 2020 women in data science satellite conference
  • Central Student Funding Unit
  • CEGC Industry panel and technical seminars
  • Bow River graduate history conference
  • 4th biological sciences graduate symposium
  • Racialized health journal club and speaker series
  • Community rehabilitation and disability studies community connector event
  • Slice of science
  • Neuro Nexus
  • Fourth Annual School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Research Conference
  • Leaders in Medicine professional development series
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers Student and Industry Mixer
  • Fostering Self-Leadership in Graduate Nursing Students
  • Graduate Forum 2020
  • GAASA Student offices & student lounge refurbishment
  • Communication retreat
  • Graduate student teaching squares
  • Winter warmth, give and take
  • Graduate Research Conference 2020
  • Chiniki Lecture in First Nations History


  • 2021 Tapestries of Learning Symposium
  • CEGS Social and professional development
  • SEDV Experiential Learning
  • YYC Policy Blog (phase 3)
  • GSA Awards Website 2020
  • Food Studies Symposium
  • 9th Annual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference
  • AnArky Talks
  • Sustainability Webinar and Workshop Series
  • Recipes Near and Far
  • A new award for graduate students with disabilities
  • Silvercloud Online Therapy Pilot
  • RLASS Symposium
  • Economics Graduate Association "Econ Matters” Web Platform
  • Graduate Conference for Chemical & Petroleum Engineers, Software training
  • 6th Annual PHAS Symposium (Online Event)
  • Sustainability Webinar and Workshop Series
  • CEGS Social and Professional Development
  • UCITE Workshop Series
  • ECS Calgary Student Chapter: Online Workshops and Social Events
  • 12th Annual Leaders in Medicine Research Symposium
  • Bridging the Department Gap
  • 5th Biological Sciences Graduate Symposium
  • Mix & Mingle with Industry Professionals
  • The Spark Series: Moments, Meaning, and Mentorship
  • ANARKY 2021
  • DEI Geography Seminar Speaker Series
  • Science Communication Month
  • Presenting your science to people who will listen
  • SEDV Experiental Learning
  • Support for mandatory 3 day hotel stay

2018 - 2019

  • 2018 Active Living Series
  • Building Bridges Initiative
  • Critical Geographies Minicon Preconfence
  • Graduate Student Research Symposium
  • GSA Sustainer Badge
  • Aspiring Alliances in Indigenous Relationships and Research (AAIRR)
  • Online Financial Literary Training Phase 1
  • Rapid
  • Analytical Techniques Workshop
  • Graduate Leaders Circle Scholarship Drop-in Hours
  • Fresh and Fast Case Competition
  • Innovation for Health
  • Students on Sustainability
  • The Career Connection
  • Neurohistory Cartoons: Neuroscience Through the Ages
  • Mothers Support Group in Varsity Courts
  • YYC Policy Blog (Phase 1)
  • Workshop Fridays
  • A Higher Clause website
  • CEGS Social and professional development events
  • Networks Research Group Lab Enhancement
  • 3rd Annual Biological Sciences Graduate Symposium
  • SIAM University of Calgary Seminar Series
  • SAGE (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement) Ucalgary
  • 2019 Peer Beyond Graduate Research Symposium
  • The World is Your Lab
  • Physics & Astronomy (PHAS) Symposium
  • StemCellTalks 7th Annual Symposium
  • Confounding Expectations: Cultural Meaning in Sound
  • Career & Professional Days for Grad Students of Schulich Eng
  • SEDV Experiential Learning
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Methods Day
  • Chemistry Alumni Day
  • Decolonizing Day: An interdisciplinary symposium
  • Geomathon Competition - GeoDays
  • 2019 Free-Exchange Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference
  • Bow River Graduate History Conference 2019
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers Student & Industry Mixer
  • 2019 Rising Leaders Forum
  • International Graduate Student Peer Support Program - Nomads
  • Professional Development Grant top up
  • GSA Bursary top up
  • Cumming School of Medicine Symposium
  • 56th Geography Department Conference
  • 2019 Women in Data Science Satellite Conference
  • Statistical Learning Group
  • 3rd annual Obesity Canada – Calgary Research Showcase
  • 8th Annual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference
  • Neuro Nexus

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