Policy Library

Welcome to the GSA Policy Library!

The policy library is composed of GSA policy asks and professional research papers done by the GSA to support these policies. These policies will provide the foundation for and guide the GSA’s advocacy efforts to the University and all levels of government.

The Policy Library was created to address a call to action in the GSA's strategic plan: more institutionalized and transparent advocacy. These policies and research papers are intended to create a data-driven framework for the organization's advocacy, as well as allow members to see how issues are being framed to governments and stakeholders. The library is currently maintained by the Advocacy Team- the President, Vice-President External, and Advocacy Advisor, with assistance by the Executive Director and Marketing and Communications Coordinator.


UCGSA.01 Provincial Funding for Post-Secondary

The Graduate Students' Association of the University of Calgary thus calls upon the Government of Alberta to reverse their cuts to the Campus Alberta Grant, so that all Albertas can benefit from a better funded, and more innovative, post-secondary system.
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UCGSA.02 Alberta Graduate Students Travel Incentive

The Alberta Graduate Students Travel Incentive was originally one of many scholarships made available to students - specifically, in this case, graduate students - by the Government of Alberta. It's purpose was to "support travel related expenses for graduate students to participate in academic events such as conferences, contributions (presentations) and research trips' related to a student's research and academic program.
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UCGSA.03 Financial Aid and Student Loans

Student financial aid refers to program typically run by governments or post secondary institutions that provide targeted assistance to students of low economic means. Financial aid programs are intended to take only income levels into account when determining who can and cannot access financial aid: students whose household income is low enough that they cannot afford tuition, or who may be at risk of fqalling into poverty because of education-related expenses would automatically qualify for student aid in most Canadian jurisdictions.
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UGSA Alberta Budget Submission 2024

For Budget 2024, the Graduate Student's Association recommends the following: Restore Funding to Post-secondary Education; support Alberta Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Reimagine Student Financial Aid; Cut Red Tape on Post-secondary Funding; and Implement a Province-wide Evictions Moratorium.
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UCGSA White Paper 01 Quebec's Soft Rent Cap

Graduate Students in Alberta are increasingly being priced out of the housing and rental markets as a result of Canada's ongoing housing crisis. The province of Quebec, however has put in place a much more flexible tribunal-based "soft rent cap."
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