Mentorship GSA

Learn from a seasoned professional for insight into the career you aspire to.

Mentorship GSA helps graduate students attain their desired career goal – whether it’s re-entering industry after graduation (as 70 percent of grad students do) or continuing with academe. This program is free, and helps grad students make professional contacts by pairing students with a mentor in their field of interest.

This program is enhanced for Protégés through various career-related Career Preparation Workshops.


Please complete all of the following steps before entry into the program:

Step 1: Read the Program Information document

Step 2: Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Step 3: Contact Julie Brown, Employer Liaison and Coordinator of MENTORSHIP GSA for an orientation –

Step 4: Complete the Protégé Application that Julie has emailed you

Step 5: Sign up for an interview time in response to an email from Julie

Step 6: Attend the interview that has been confirmed by Julie

For more information and to book your orientation, please contact Julie Brown at:

Mentorship FAQ

Questions about the program answered.

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Cohorts and Important Dates

All the dates you need to know.

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Useful Information:

For the Protégé

What Do We Offer in Mentorship Coordination?

The program will match you with professionals in the Calgary area who help you:

  • Learn business nuances and drivers
  • Identify employment opportunities
  • Build a solid business network
  • Reach your career goals
  • Provide valuable, work-related workshops designed to develop Most Valuable Performers
  • Co-ordinate venues for professionals to share experiences and answer questions

What Do We Offer for Career Advice?

  • Help you discover your career path – one-on-one discussions
  • Identify “next steps”
  • Provide feedback on career related documents
  • Prepare you for interviews
  • Source of valuable resources (computer, books, Internet info., human resources, etc.)

For the Mentors

There are three ways to get involved:

  • Mentor
  • Guest Speaker
  • Industry Professional

Benefits of Participation as a Mentor:

  • Enhances one’s professional image, and promotes personal development
  • Stimulates creative thinking through the sharing process
  • Highlights the challenges that people entering today’s workforce face
  • Provides the Mentor with a strong sense of satisfaction

To learn more or discuss your participation, please contact Julie Brown at 403 210-7870 or