Mentorship GSA

Learn from a seasoned professional for insight into the career you aspire to.

Mentorship GSA helps graduate students attain their desired career goal – whether it’s re-entering industry after graduation (as 70 percent of grad students do) or continuing with academe. This program is free, and helps grad students make professional contacts by pairing students with a mentor in their field of interest.

This program is enhanced for Protégés through various career-related Career Preparation Workshops.


Please complete all of the following steps before entry into the program:

Step 1: Read the Program Information document

Step 2: Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Step 3: Contact Julie Brown, Employer Liaison and Coordinator of MENTORSHIP GSA for an orientation –

Step 4: Complete the Protégé Application that Julie has emailed you

Step 5: Sign up for an interview time in response to an email from Julie

Step 6: Attend the interview that has been confirmed by Julie

For more information and to book your orientation, please contact Julie Brown at:

For the Mentee

What Do We Offer in Mentorship Coordination?

The program will match you with professionals in the Calgary area who help you:

  • Learn business nuances and drivers
  • Identify employment opportunities
  • Build a solid business network
  • Reach your career goals
  • Provide valuable, work-related workshops designed to develop Most Valuable Performers
  • Co-ordinate venues for professionals to share experiences and answer questions

What Do We Offer for Career Advice?

  • Help you discover your career path – one-on-one discussions
  • Identify “next steps”
  • Provide feedback on career related documents
  • Prepare you for interviews
  • Source of valuable resources (computer, books, Internet info., human resources, etc.)

For the Mentors

There are three ways to get involved:

  • Mentor
  • Guest Speaker
  • Industry Professional

Benefits of Participation as a Mentor:

  • Enhances one’s professional image, and promotes personal development
  • Stimulates creative thinking through the sharing process
  • Highlights the challenges that people entering today’s workforce face
  • Provides the Mentor with a strong sense of satisfaction

To learn more or discuss your participation, please contact Julie Brown at 403 210-7870 or

“The program is extremely positive and beneficial, getting insight into industry with a person who is willing to share their experiences.”
Faculty of Science Masters student - 2016
“This program provides vision and enthusiasm for the future graduates and thus makes them more prepared to find their way in the job market.”
Schulich School of Engineering PhD student - 2016
“This program has not only helped me immensely to develop some key personal attributes but has also empowered me with the confidence to deal with diverse people through informed and effective communication.”
Schulich School of Engineering Masters student - 2016