March 22, 2022

Zero-Styrofoam Waste Initiative

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Did you know? You can recycle Styrofoam at Foothills campus with the “Zero-Styrofoam Waste Initiative”! This initiative aims to recycle Styrofoam across labs and facilities in Foothills campus. Students can recycle Styrofoam at the loading dock, where collection bins are located for the appropriate disposal of type #4 (low-density polyethylene) and type #6 (Styrofoam/expanded polystyrene). The GSA Sustainability Committee was able to provide funding to have this initiative started.

Below are answers to some of the questions that you may have about this initiative:

Where do I recycle it? Take your styrofoam boxes and/or low-density polyethylene to the appropriate bins located in the loading dock of Foothills campus (in front of the Delivery services by the basement of Health Science Centre). Recycling will not be picked up from labs/hallways.

How do I recycle it? Take the Styrofoam boxes and remove any duct tape, cardboard, or any material adherent to the box. Do not break down the boxes into smaller pieces for its recycling.

When do I recycle it? There’s not a schedule for Styrofoam recycling. All we are asking is to hold to their Styrofoam in case they see the bins full.

Who can recycle it? We are limiting ourselves to Foothills Campus. However, if a lab in main campus decides to take part of it, they are more than welcome. Nevertheless, bins will remain allocated in Foothills.

Contact Daniel Castaneda Mogollon or Micky Ahn for questions or concerns!

Watch the video below to learn more about this initiative!

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