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Important Information Regarding The New Collective Agreement
The university and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) are pleased to announce a new two-year Collective Agreement from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2018. The agreement highlights a very productive round of negotiations and reflects both parties willingness to negotiate in an open, cooperative and mutually respectful manner.
Some key highlights of the new agreement include:
·   1.5 % increase to the GAR minimum hourly rate 
(generally from Faculty Members’ grants):
  o  2016/17- from $17.50 to $17.76
  o    2017/18- from $17.76 to $18.03
·   1.5% increase to the fixed rate salaries for GATs and GANTs
  o   2016/17- from $8633.47 to $8762.97 (based on the total remuneration of a full-time appointment)
  o    2017/18- from $8762.97 to $8894.41 (based on the total remuneration of a full-time appointment)
·    The introduction of an Emergency Fund in the amount of $150,000 over the term of the Collective Agreement. The Emergency Fund will be for the purpose of supporting graduate students in unanticipated emergencies and will be administered by the GSA
The university and GSA were able to achieve a number of important changes supports the educational goals of all students. The new agreement reflects the pattern of settlements in Alberta Public and Post-secondary sectors. Please note retro increases for impacted Graduate Assistants who held active appointments from May 1, 2016 onward, will be paid out on July 25, 2016.

The full Collective Agreement is available here.

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