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 Welcome to the Graduate Students' Association of the University of Calgary!

Help an Evacuee Experience Calgary through the GSA’s “Nice to Meet You” Initiative

The GSA has developed an initiative to help connect students, primarily our grad student members, with evacuees who are staying on the University of Calgary campus. The initiative “Nice to Meet You” will pair up students with evacuees/evacuee families to explore Calgary. 

Even though many evacuees will be able to return home soon, they have been here in Calgary for quite some time now and it would be great for them to be able to experience the City with the companionship of a student. Students are able to select activities  to engage evacuees with. Click here to view event activity website links.

If you are interested in volunteering as a student to show evacuees around Calgary, please complete the poll here.

 Volunteer Opportunities

The GSA offers many opportunities to volunteer, expand your resume and become involved in the graduate student community. Here is a list of our available volunteer positions:

Student Experience Standing Committee Chair
Mental Wellness Committee Chair
Residence and Family Housing Committee Chair
Events Committee Chair
Newcomers and International Students Committee Chair
Community Engagement Committee Chair
Sustainability Committee Chair
Governance Committee Chair
External Relations Standing Committee Chair
Awards Committee Chair
Academic Standing Committee Chair


Announcement of the 2016-2017 GSA Board of Directors

The GSA held a by election on Tuesday April, 26 for the positions of VP External and VP Academic. Abu Abdelhafiz of the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering received the most votes and will be the next VP Academic. Yang Yang Fang of Community Health Sciences received the most votes and will be the new VP External. The 2016-2017 GSA Board of Directors are:

  • Sam Hossack - President
  • Abubaker Abdelhafiz - Vice President Academic
  • Xiao (Yang Yang) Fang - Vice President External
  • Adrianne Offenbecker - Vice President Student Life
  • Arash Afshar - Vice President Finance & Services

Thank you too all the nominees and everyone who assisted with the election and by-election.



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