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Referendum FAQs

GPAC main function is to be the collective advocacy voice for graduate students’ in the province on post-secondary issues. Currently it’s members are University of Alberta GSA, University of Lethbridge GSA, and Athabasca University.


What happens if we join GPAC we would work with the other GSAs in the province and advocate on graduate student’s behave in the province as a collective. So instead of saying “University of Calgary graduate students want….” we would say “Graduate students in the province want….”


What happens if we do not join GPAC? If students vote not in favour of joining, then our GSA goes to the drawing board and discusses options. Regardless if we join GPAC or not, the GSA will continue to advocate on our students behalf. Joining GPAC is just one mechanism that could help meet this mandate.


Are there other groups like this in the province? Yes. We have seen this model be successful by student advocacy groups in the province. There are currently two advocacy groups at the undergraduate level in the province. CAUS ( and ASEC ( Both of these groups are restricted to undergraduate students.


Has there ever been an provincial advocacy group for graduate students? Yes. There used to be a provincial advocacy group for graduate students called AGC ( The GSAs did not think the organizational model of AGC was meeting the needs of the graduate students and needed to redevelop the advocacy model. In 2013 AGC dissolved and members from each university started to work on a new advocacy model: GPAC is the new model that is being proposed.


Are there other resources? Because the group (GPAC) is brand new and has been developed by members from each of the universities, GPAC has not official launched and so there is no website to visit for other resources. 


What side does the GSA take? The GSA is not taking a side in this decision as it is non-partisan.


Other information you might find helpful:
Majority of post-secondary decisions are made at the provincial level – this is why we have an interest in provincial advocacy.


Referendum 2014

Your Vote Counts!

The GSA is hosting a referendum to decide if we should join the Graduate Provincial Advocacy Council (ab-GPAC).

What is ab-GPAC?

How do I vote?

  • By November 24th you should be enrolled in the course "GSA Referendum 2014" found on your Desire2Learn website. On November 26th and 27th you will have the opportunity to cast your vote. If you have any difficulties, please contact the CRO
  • Follow the instructions on how to vote here.

Why do we need the referendum?

  • GSA policy requires a referendum to join external groups. For more information, please see the GSA's Referendum Policy

Want more information for or against joining ab-GPAC?

  • "Yes" campaign - For more information, click here
  • "No" campaign - There is currently no campaign arguing against joining ab-GPAC. If you are interested in starting a campaign, please contact the CRO



6th Annual GSA Holiday Food Drive

2014 holiday food drive


The GSA's 6th Annual Holiday Food Drive is around the corner and about to be put into high gear, with proceeds going directly to the Campus Food Bank. Here's how it works: Departmental Graduate Associations (DGAs) collect food items within their departments, and the DGA with the highest number of food items per capita withs a $300 coupon for the Last Defence Lounge! The final day for item collection will be December 5, 2014. For more details about the type of items we will be accepting, contest rules, drop off locations, dates, and times, please click here. Please contact the VP Student Life if you have any questions.




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Notice to All Extended Health and Dental Plan Members

The GSA has switched to a new extended health and dental plan provider effective September 1, 2014. Please note that any medical receipts dated August 31, 2014 or before must be submitted by November 30, 2014, to the Campus Trust. These claims can be submitted online at until August 31, 2014.

After August 31, 2014, the online claim submission through the Campus Trust will no longer be available; accordingly, all receipts dated August 31, 2014 or before must be submitted with a completed printed copy of the health claim form. For dental expenses use the Standard Dental Claim Forms obtained directly at your dental office and submit them to the GSA office by November 30, 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact the GSA at: or 403.220.5997. For claims inquiries, you can reach the Campus Trust directly at: 1.800.563.1930