DGA List

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology DGA
    Biological Science Graduate Students’ Association
    Biomedical Engineering Graduate Students’ Association
    Biomedical Technology Graduate Students’ Association
    Cardiovascular Respiratory Students Association (CRSA)
    Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Graduate Students’ Association
    Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA)
    Civil Engineering Graduate Society (CEGS)
    Classics & Religion (CLARE)
    Communication, Media, Film Graduate Student Association
    Community Health Sciences Student Executive
    Computational Media Design SA
    Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS)
    Council of Foothills (CFD)
    Economics Graduate Association
    Electrical and Computer Engineering GSA (ECEG)
    English Graduate Student Association (EGSA)
    Gastrointestinal Sciences Graduate Program
    Geography Graduate Students’ Association (GGSA)
    Geomatics Graduate Group (G3)
    German Studies Graduate Student Association (GSGSA)
    Graduate Anthropology and Archaeology Student Association
    Graduate Association of Energy and Environment Specialization
    Graduate Association of Geoscience Students (GAGGS)
    Graduate Engineering Students Consortium
    Graduate Music Society (GMS)
    Graduate Programs in Education Students Association
    Graduate University of Calgary Mathematics Society (GUMS)
    Haskayne School (PhD)
    History Graduate Students Union (HGSU)
    Immunology Graduate Association (IGA)
    Kinesiology Graduate Students Association (KGSA)
    Law Graduate Students Association
    Linguistics Graduate Students’ Association – A Higher Clause
    Masters of Pathologists’ Assistant GSA
    Masters of Public Policy Student Association
    MBA Society
    Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students’ Association
    Medical Science Graduate Student Association (MDSC-SA)
    Microbiology & Infections Diseases GSA (MIDGSA)
    Neuroscience Hotchkiss Brain Institute Trainee Organization
    Nursing Graduate Students’ Association
    Philosophy Graduate Students’ Association
    Physics & Astronomy Grad Students’ Association (PAGSA)
    Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGSA)
    Psychology Graduate Students Association (PGSA)
    School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Student Assoc (SAPLSA)
    School of Creative & Performing Arts Graduate Society
    Religious Studies Graduate Association (SPIRAL)
    Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA)
    Strategic Studies & Security Consortium Grad Association (S3C)
    Sustainable Energy Development Society
    Veterinary Medicine Grad Students Association (VMGSA)
    Vox Condiscipulum
    Graduate Representative Council (GRC)
  • Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Department of Biomedical TechnologyDepartment of Cardiovascular & Respiratory
    Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

    Department of Chemistry

    Department of Civil Engineering
    Department of Communication & Culture

    Department of Community Health Sciences
    Department of Computer Science
    Department of Biomedical Technology
    Department of Economics
    Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Department of English

    Department of Physiology & Pharmacology
    Department of Geography
    Department of Geomatics
    Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies
    Department of Anthropology and Archeology
    Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy
    Department of Geoscience
    Schulich School of Engineering
    Department of Music

    Werklund School of Education
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    Haskayne School of Business
    Department of History
    Department of Immunology
    Kinesiology Graduate Program
    Faculty of Law
    Department of Greek and Roman Studies
    Department of Linguistics of the School of Linguistics, Languages, Literature and Culture
    School of Public Policy
    Haskayne School of Business
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Department of Medical Science
    Department of Microbiology & Infectious Disease
    Department of Neuroscience
    Department of Nursing
    Department of Philosophy
    Department of Physics & Astronomy
    Department of Political Science
    Department of Psychology

    Department of Religious Studies

    Department of Sociology

    Center for Military and Strategic Studies
    Department of Sustainable Energy Development
    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
    Department of Languages, Literature and Cultures of the School of Linguistics, Languages, Literature and Culture