GSA Executive Board of Directors

The GSA 2019-2020 Executive Contact Information:

The President is the chair of the GSA’s Board of Directors and enforces the by-laws of the organization. They are the official spokesperson of the GSA. The President sits on the Board of Governors as the GSA’s representative.

The VP Student Life is generally responsible for all matters that pertain to the GSA and internal organizations of the university that relate to non-academic matters of the student experience. Some aspects of their portfolio include: DGAs, social events and discounted ticket sales, and overseeing the graduate newsletter.

The VP Finance and Services is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the GSA and the services it provides such as the health and dental plan. Some aspects of their portfolio include: overseeing the Finance Standing Committee and organizing GSA workshops.

The VP Academic is responsible for all academic matters that affect graduate students at the University of Calgary including awards, bursaries, and grants.

The VP External is generally responsible for all matters that pertain to the external relations of the GSA. They maintain an awareness of current issues and developments related to all levels of government. The VP External, along with the President, are responsible for the participation in student advocacy organization.

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Mohammad Mansouri • President

Mohammad is a PhD candidate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at UCalgary. He successfully passed his courses and field of study (FOS) exam and began working on his research in May of 2017. Mohammad also holds an MSc and a BSc (Honours) in Electrical Engineering specializing in control and power systems from the Isfahan University of Technology and the Technical Institute of Mashhad. His current research focuses on identifying sources and parameters of disturbances in power systems, which increase the robustness of power systems. Before entering his PhD program, Mohammad worked in the electrical industry.

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Basem Halawa • VP Student Life

Basem is an M.Sc. student in the Department of Civil Engineering with specialization in Water Resources engineering. His current research focuses on applying numerical modeling, machine learning, and visualization tools for separating relevant environmental fluid dynamics of different flows. Basem has a B.Sc. in Water and Environmental Engineering from Cairo University in Egypt. His research interests include: hydrology, hydro-geology, hydraulics, waste water treatment, sea water desalination, and water-food-energy nexus.

Away from work, Basem enjoys traveling, volunteering, photography, and ping-pong. He is always seeking new adventures and eager to try new things.

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Mina Iskander • VP Finance & Services

Mina is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Civil Engineering and is doing his research on Fracture Mechanics of brittle solids under compression. Mina has an MSc in Structural Engineering from Ain Shams University in Egypt. While being a registered Engineer-in-training (EIT) with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), Mina has a wide-range of industry experience as a Structural Engineer in Canada and Egypt.

Mina was the 2018-2019 VP Student Life and 2017-2018 Chair of the Events Committee.

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Mohamed Abdelsamie • VP Academic

Mohamed is a PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering. His research area combines machine learning, microbiology, and civil engineering. Mohamed received his M.Sc. in Public Works and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Cairo University. He also has industry experience in the design of infrastructure mega-projects with multinational companies.

In addition to that, Mohamed worked with UCalgary’s Residence Services for three years, was a member of various GSA committees, and vice-chaired the Newcomers and International Students Subcommittee in 2018-2019. In his free time, Mohamed likes going to the mountains to do landscape photography. He also plays squash, soccer, and likes playing classic blues on guitar.

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Marcela Coelho Lopes • VP External

Marcela is a PhD Student in Transportation at the Schulich School of Engineering. She received her bachelor in Civil Engineering in 2015 from Universidade Federal de Alagoas, located in her hometown in Brazil. After her bachelor degree, Marcela started grad school and got her Master of Sciences in Aeronautics Infrastructural Engineering from Aeronautics Institute of Technology in 2017, also in Brazil.

Marcela likes to dedicate her non-academic time advocating on behalf of her community, helping students and providing a better environment inside the University.

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