Volunteer Opportunity: GSA Strategic Plan Development Working Group

The GSA is looking for two graduate student volunteers to serve on the GSA Strategic Plan Development Working Group that supports the development of the GSA’s 2023-26 Strategic Plan.

Duties: The graduate student volunteers will be joining the GSA’s Ad-Hoc Strategic Plan Development Working Group which will convene for two to three meetings between September and November. The meetings will be facilitated by a professional facilitator to guide the group to develop the vision, mission, goals, and value statements for the GSA’s new strategic plan. The volunteers are expected to participate in the discussions and conversations during these meetings to contribute ideas and feedback drawn from their graduate student experience. Information and analyses from the previously conducted internal and external environmental scan will be provided to the group prior to any discussions.


  • A current graduate student with the University of Calgary
  • Have been a graduate student for at least one year and have taken on a leadership role within the University of Calgary community
  • Haven’t taken on a leadership role at the GSA (i.e., GSA Senior Leadership Team members, Graduate Representative Council members)

Time commitment: Total of maximum 10 hours

Application: Interested graduate students can send an email to lgirgis@ucalgary.ca to apply. Please include a resume and a short statement of interest (max. 300 words).