Volunteer Highlight: Moonkyung Min

Moonkyung Min

Ph.D. Student in Counselling Psychology

Vice Chair of the GSA Gender and Sexuality Alliance Subcommittee

Hello, my name is Moon and I’m a second year Ph.D. student in Counselling Psychology. I’m also an international student from South Korea. 

What is your involvement with the GSA?

I’m currently serving as Vice Chair of GSA2 (GSA Gender and Sexuality Alliance Subcommittee). My work involves collaborating with the Chair to recruit committee members, hold monthly meetings, communicate with the larger student body, and support sub-teams within our committee in organizing student events. I also serve as a liaison to organize collaboration with other committees. For example, for the intersectionality panel series, which is a series of five monthly panels focusing on different aspects of intersecting minority identities, GSA2 is collaborating with EDI and MHWS.   

What are the reasons for your involvement with the GSA?

Actually, this is my second Ph.D. program! I already completed Ph.D. coursework at Ewha Womens University in South Korea, and decided to start a new Ph.D. program here at University of Calgary. In my previous academic programs, I’ve never been involved with student organizations. I believed this was meaningful work because it promotes student welfare and enriches their experience, but I thought it wasn’t my thing. But now, as this is probably going to be my last graduate school experience (hopefully), I wanted to challenge myself and take initiative to contribute to other students’ lives during graduate school. I specifically chose GSA2 because, being new to Calgary, I wanted to take the opportunity to connect with LGBTQ+ folks and allies and feel more empowered as an LGBTQ+ individual.   

What are you looking for from your involvement with the GSA?

I hope to visualize LGBTQ folks in the UofC community, and provide a safe place for people to show up and connect with others. At our first event, which was the rainbow coffee chat in October, one participant told me that it is her first time participating in an LGBTQ community event. This was a personally fulfilling moment that demonstrated the meaning this work can have. GSA2 is currently working to organize several more exciting events including “Paint Night with Queer Artists,” and “Queer Gingerbread Decoration Contest,” and “Coming Out Monologues,” so please stay tuned.

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