April 11, 2023

Thesis-based Graduate Students will have three-week vacation starting May 2023

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Join us in celebrating a win for thesis-based graduate students!

The GSA, in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, was successful in advocating for a three-week vacation/time off for thesis-based graduate students! This is an increase from the two-week vacation in place previously. The GSA appreciates the feedback from graduate students about the need to advocate for this increase.

This change will take effect in May 2023 and will be reflected in the Graduate Student Calendar in the Spring.

What does this increase entail?
  1. Programs and supervisors are required to allow thesis-based graduate students three weeks of time off or vacation per year. This time off is additional to any days off due to university closure, such as holidays.
  2. This change doesn’t affect the time off of academically-employed graduate students governed by the Collective Agreement.
  3. Thesis-based graduate students are expected to take this time off during a reasonable time to avoid any impact on research work.
  4. The three-week vacation/time off should not affect coursework; thesis-based graduate students are expected to complete all coursework.

If you have any questions about this increase, please email our VP Academic at vpa.gsa@ucalgary.ca.

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