March 15, 2024

The Graduate Students’ Association 2024 General Election Results

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The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) concluded its 2024 General Elections on March 12. With 12 candidates running for five executive positions and the Associate VP Labour role, the election saw a significant turnout with 12.3% of UCalgary graduate students casting their votes.

Saaka Sulemana Saaka, PhD student in Political Science was elected GSA President and won with a total of 71.8% of votes cast.  Having previously served as GSA President for the 2022-2023 term, Saaka brings valuable experience and deep commitment to advocating for the needs of graduate students.

In addition to Saaka’s re-election, the GSA welcomed a dynamic team of executives to serve alongside the president.

Alexandria Poppendorf, a PhD student in Educational Leadership won the Vice President Academic position with 48.4% of the total votes cast. The GSA would like to thank the other two candidates Adarash Gopakumar Panicker and Ahmed Inzamam Chowdhury, for their participation in the VP Academic election.

Hunter Yaworski, an MSc student in Geography, won the Vice President External position with 72.4% of the total votes cast. Hunter previously served as AVP Labour during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Nadia Ghazanfari, an MSc student in Communications and Media emerged as the winner of the VP Student Life with 38% of the total votes cast. The GSA extends appreciation to the other two contenders, Karla Oliveira, and Nizamuddin Iliyaz, for participating in the Student Life election.

Finally, Kaylee MacLean, PhD student in Psychology, clinched the Vice President Finance and Services position with 40.4% of the total votes cast. The GSA thanks the other two candidates Ahmed Ishmam Chowdhury and Vivek Kapadiya, for their participation in the VP Finance and Services election.

The GSA hosted the election for the Associate Vice President Labour, specifically for Academically Employed Graduate Students concurrently. Karina Hincape Martinez, a PhD student in Literature, Lingusitics and culture won with 78.6% of total votes cast within the AEGS category.

The GSA thanks all graduate students who participated in the voting process, and would also like to acknowledge the outgoing executives – James Steele (President), Kirsten Neprily (VP Academic), Masume Akbari (VP Student Life), AC Cameron (VP External), and Cameron Armstrong (VP Finance and Services) for their dedication to the graduate student community throughout their tenure.

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