Supervision and Graduate Program Experience Survey 2022

Hello Thesis-Based Graduate Students! 

We need your help to understand the student-supervisor relationship at the University of Calgary. This is the first modern in-depth survey specific to the University of Calgary that addresses the student-supervisor relationship. Don’t miss the opportunity to fill out this survey and fill it out now!  

On behalf of a research team at UCalgary, the GSA is reaching out to all graduate students in thesis-based masters and doctoral programs with an invitation for a survey. The research team wants to understand graduate students’ perspectives on their experience with supervision and their graduate program at the University of Calgary. The study has been granted ethical approval (REB22-0134).  

This short survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. PRECAUTIONS: There are limited risks involved in choosing to answer this survey (see below). Your responses are anonymous, will be analyzed and reported as a group. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and is not a requirement of your graduate program. You are asked to NOT include any personal information in response to three open-ended questions. Prior to any data being shared with the research team, a research assistant will double check that all data is completely anonymous.  

The researchers, your supervisor, your program, Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the GSA will not know whether you have participated in the survey as it is completely anonymous.  

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact the PI, Dr. Michele Jacobsen,  

If you agree to take part in the survey, please click on this URL:

RISKS: As a graduate student completing the survey, there may be psychological or emotional discomfort, anxiety or stress given your present experience with supervision, the program or at the university. Responding to items about supervision, your program or the university may surface or give name to concerns or issues that you are already experiencing in graduate school.  

If you have concerns about your experience with supervision, or with your graduate program, there are individuals and groups on campus who will listen and can provide support. The GSA and the research team encourage any graduate student who has concerns to please reach out to: