Stardale Women’s Group and Involvement Opportunities

For the National Indigenous History Month, the GSA is collaborating with Stardale Women’s Group to share the word of different volunteer and job opportunities to graduate students at the University of Calgary.

About Stardale Women’s Group:
Stardale Women’s Group offers the Indigenous girls program for ages 10 to 17 years. The framework of delivery may includes: literacy, various art modalities, and make up, modeling, boundaries, team building, cooking and much more.  Additionally, the girls participate in community events.

Volunteer Youth Mentor and General Support Volunteer

As a Volunteer Youth Mentor, you will commit to mentoring, advising, supporting, and guiding our cohort of Indigenous young women and girls (age 10-17) for a period of at least one year.

As a General Support Volunteer, you will commit to supporting the staff and volunteers at Stardale Women’s Group, and our cohort of Indigenous young women and girls (age10-17) for a period of at least one year.

See details of the two volunteering opportunities here

Part-time Female Youth Support Worker

Stardale is seeking a female worker who is enthusiastic, self – directed and enjoys working with young girls. There is a part- time position opening with flexible working hours. The youth worker ‘s primary role is to coordinate the girls with the adults to get to and from the weekly Wednesday evening program along with activities / events which may occur on the weekends.

See details of the part-time female youth support worker position here