Introducing the 2019-2020 Senior Leadership Team

The GSA has 8 committees that work around the clock to host events and carry out initiatives to improve the graduate student experience at the University of Calgary. The Chairs and Vice Chairs of these committees make up the Senior Leadership Team which acts as the advisory board to the GSA Board of Directors.

The GSA is excited to introduce this year’s Senior Leadership Team members that is committed to taking on the responsibilities of leading these committees to success:

  • Martine Dennie – Governance Committee Chair
  • Jacob Lamb – Governance Committee Vice Chair
  • Alexander Cornelis Van Olm – External Advocacy Committee Chair
  • Emily Macphail – Finance Standing Committee Chair
  • Michelle Elizabeth Love – Awards Committee Chair
  • Haydee Mesa Galloso – Awards Committee Vice Chair
  • Leanne Dawson – Academic Support Committee Chair
  • Kelsey Pennanen – Academic Support Committee Vice Chair
  • Dinu Attalage – Student Engagement and Events Committee Chair
  • Anthonia Anowai – Student Engagement and Events Committee Vice Chair
  • Claudia Ladisa – Sustainability Committee Chair
  • Evangeline Eldridge – Sustainability Committee Vice Chair
  • Brit Paris – Associate Vice President, Labour

You can learn more about our committees HERE:

Many of our committees and subcommittees are currently recruiting members. Don’t miss this chance to get involved in the great work the GSA and our volunteers are doing to enhance graduate student experience at UCalgary. Learn about the available positions HERE: Current GSA Volunteer Opportunities


In photo from left to right:

Front row: Kelsey Pennanen, Claudia Ladisa, Evangeline Eldridge, Michelle Love, Marcela Lopes, Danielle Abbott

Back row: Emily Macphail, Martine Dennie, Jacob Lamb, Basem Halawa, Dinu Attalage, Mohammad Mansouri

Missing from photo: Alexander Olm, Haydee Galloso, Anthonia Anowai, Leanne Dawson, Brit Paris, Mina Iskander, Mohamed Abdelsamie

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