GSA Committees

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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee provides oversight and advice to the President on the governance of the GSA, at the direction of the President, the Board, or GRC. This may include conducting an annual review of the GSA’s bylaws, reviewing and updating GSA policies, and conducting a DGA bylaw review.

Finance Standing Committee

The Finance Standing Committee (FSC) reviews the financial records and investments of the Association on a regular basis. FSC reviews the draft budget for the following financial year prior to GRC approval, and ensures that an annual audit of Association records is performed.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee adjudicates award applications and recommends the recipient of the GSA’s awards, grants, and bursaries. This includes implementing a transparent process of developing the awards program, selection criteria, and evaluation procedures. The Awards committee has approximately 50 members.

Student Experience and Events Committee

The Student Experience Standing Committee enhances the life and graduate school experience of all members at large of the GSA of the University of Calgary through events, programming, and other initiatives. This committee also acts as a consultative body for the VP Student Life.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee functions to create a sustainable workplace and learning space for graduate students in order to enhance the overall graduate experience. The Sustainability Committee works to bring forth issues as well as opportunities related to sustainability, in order to integrate sustainable efforts at the University of Calgary. The Sustainability Committee partners with the Sustainability department, GRC, and University of Calgary partners to ensure its work is meaningful both for graduate students and within the larger realm of the University.

Committee Members Opportunities

Student Experience and Events Committee (SEEC)
Application Deadline – July 20, 11:59 pm MT
Role: SEEC is comprised of the VPSL, the chair and vice-chair of SEEC, chairs or vice-chairs of each of the subcommittees (the Mental Health and Wellness Committee, the Newcomers and International Students’ Committee, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA2) Committee and the Community Engagement and Events Committee), as well as members at large whose interests may be different from each of the subcommittees. SEEC is currently looking for members. Members can choose to be chairs or vice-chairs of each of the subcommittees or be members at large.
Application: Please fill out the application form and send to

Finance Standing Committee
Application Deadline – July 24, 11:59 pm MT
Role: The Finance Standing Committee (FSC) represents graduate student interests by reviewing the monthly financial statements of the GSA and the LDL. In addition to reviewing monthly financials, we also review the external auditor report and assist in the preparation of the 2019-2020 budget. No previous financial experience is required.
Time Commitment: One meeting per month (1.5-2 hours).
Application: Email a CV and statement of interest (max. 200 words) to FSC Chair at

Sustainability Committee
Application Deadline – August 5, 11:59 pm MT
Role: Are you looking to become involved in your graduate community and passionate about sustainability? The Sustainability Committee (SC) recognizes the need to incorporate sustainability practices and principles within its activities and initiatives. Created in the academic year 2016-2017, the purpose of this committee is to develop initiatives and projects, identify relevant partnerships, and provide guidance and recommendations to the Board of Directors to enhance the GSA and LDL’s activities to more sustainable and socially responsible policy and practices. These changes seek to benefit the University of Calgary community at large, and the graduate student community in particular; as well as to acknowledge sustainability initiatives carried out by graduate students. No previous experience/education in sustainability is required; however, you must be passionate about sustainability practices!
Time Commitment: Committee members are required to attend at least 1 meeting per month (1-1.5 hours).
Application: Email a statement of interest (max. 300 words) to

Award Committee
Application Deadline – August 24, 11:59 pm MT
Role: Awards Committee members evaluate GSA award, bursary, scholarship, and grant applications to help fund graduate students.
Time commitment: Members are expected to commit to an orientation meeting, two evaluations (one per semester), and an awards committee meeting after each evaluation. Further meetings may be required as needed.
Application: Please send a CV with a short paragraph as to why you want to join the awards committee to

Governance Committee
Application Deadline – September 9, 11:59 pm MT
Role: This committee principally advises the President on the governance of the GSA, pursuant to the provisions of the GSA Bylaws and the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA). We draft, recommend, and amend bylaws and other governance practices and policies for both the GSA as a whole and the smaller DGAs (Departmental Graduate Associations).
Time Commitment: Members are expected to commit to approximately 1-2 meetings per month.
Application: Email a short statement of interest (one paragraph max.) to the Governance Committee Chair at

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