Dance Crew – Tuesdays – Online


Dance! Dance! Dance!



Tuesdays | 6 – 7 pm | Online | Must register

Come and join in on the fun of trying out different dancing styles such as hip-hop, funk, contemporary, burlesque, etc. No experience necessary, the important thing is to enjoy dancing, get moving, and joining fellow graduate students online.

Link will be sent out Tuesday at 5 pm. You must register to receive the link. To register, purchase a free ticket below. Once registered you will receive a link for every week that Dance Crew is online.

Disclaimer: By signing up and receiving the link to Dance Crew, you are acknowledging that you are participating in this online session at your own risk.

If you have any questions, please email the Events Coordinator:

The classes will be taught by Graduate Student Nerea Jiménez Téllez (check out it her Youtube channel).

About Nerea:

Nerea started a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology last September at UCalgary and is modeling pediatric cardiomyopathies using stem cells. She started studying ballet at age 4 and was in dance academy until age 12. She has studied flamenco, sevillanas and has been dancing salsa her entire life as her dad is a musician who plays mostly Latino music and she learned from his dancers. When she was 15 she started dancing hip hop, funk, contemporary, burlesque and a little bit of dancehall. Nerea is familiar with other Latino dances such as merengue, tango, reggaeton and bachata. Dancing is her number one passion but she thought science was a more suitable career so she keeps dancing on her own as a hobby and is excited to bring dance to other Graduate Students this year.