Calgary Pride Parade 2022

The GSA Gender and Sexuality Alliance Subcommittee (GSA^2) leadership and members attended the Calgary Pride Parade on the hot, sunny day of September 4 in downtown Calgary. This Pride Parade was the first parade after the two-year COVID-19 hiatus since the last Calgary Pride Parade, which was hosted in 2019. The Parade was scheduled to start at 11 am; however, the participants of the UCalgary float gathered quite early to get ready. The float brought together many UCalgary students, faculty and administrative staff, and friends from across departments and faculties; all were wearing the UCalgary white T-shirts with UCalgary’s Pride logo. Each participant was given two flags to hold with the Progressive Pride flag and intersex symbol on one side, and the UCalgary Pride logo on the other. It was a rather hot day, but the heat couldn’t keep away all the spectators from cheering the parade on from the sidewalks. The Parade walked in unity along the 9 Avenue for a solid 12-block length and reached Fort Calgary where the Pride Festival happened. Afterwards, the GSA^2 hosted a booth at the Festival and helped booth visitors make their own pronoun button. Special thanks to UCalgary that organized the float for the UCalgary community, to the members of GSA^2 that coordinated the involvement of the GSA in the parade, and to everyone that showed up, walked, and cheered us on.

Learn about the GSA Gender and Sexuality Alliance Subcommittee and about the LGTBQ+ community on the GSA^2’s Instagram page: ucalgary_gsa2