November 2021 Advocacy Update

The GSA’s November advocacy efforts were focused on pushing institutional priorities, particularly tuition and fees consultation with the University senior administration.

The GSA has continued pushing to understand actual and project data the University is using in its increase proposals, as well continued advocating for students by ensuring the University senior administration and Board of Governors consider the student context, as well as the cumulative and compounding nature of the tuition and fees increases. We’ve seen some wins for students in amended tuition and fees increase proposal, which will be shared once the Board of Governors voting outcome on the proposal has been made public.

Read more about our advocacy efforts below.

Advocacy Level 
Institutional (UCalgary)The tuition and fees consultation that began on October 5 at the Tuition and Fees Consultation Committee (TFCC) continued in November. The GSA asked several clarifying questions to the University Administration in terms of actual and forecasted data.The GSA formally presented to TFCC on November 3. The University presented an amended proposal on November 10 with some amendments based on student feedback. 
Federal Reviewing Memorandum of Understanding for new national graduate student’s association prior to making a final decision on whether to become a memberParticipating in CASA’s Advocacy Training as part of a series of training in preparation for Federal Advocacy Week (Supercon) in February.
ProvincialThe GSA was glad to see that Bill 80: Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act bring benefits to adult learners in the form of streamlined application processes for financial supports”. The GSA provided feedback through ab-GPAC to inform Bill 74, the Advanced Education Statutes Amendment Act, 2021. The Bill have been proclaimed. Amendments to the Tuition and Fees Regulation and the Athabasca University Regulation have also come into force. These implement some goals from the Alberta 2030 vision and strategic direction for our province’s post-secondary system.Played an integral part in the planning of and participated in ab-GPAC Advocacy week from November 22-25. The ab-GPAC advocacy priorities that were shared were developed by all member organizations. -Nov 22: Meeting with Minister Nicolaides -Nov 23: Meeting with MLA Loyola -Nov 25: Meeting with Associate Minister Issik -Nov 26: Meeting with David Eggen and a few members of the NDP Caucus.
MunicipalStarted outreach to Calgary City Councillors and Mayor Gondek for meeting requests to introduce the GSA and discuss graduate students’ municipal priorities.The GSA would like to hear from you on your municipal priorities. Please fill out this short survey and let us know what you would like us to advocate on. Prepared GSA Let’s Get Out the Vote Instagram Live with Ward 3 Councillor Jasmine Mian for early December.