New Permanent Residency Pathway for Recent International Student Graduates

The Government of Canada announced a new pathway to permanent residency for recent international student graduates. International students who graduated between January 1, 2017 – May 5, 2021 can apply on May 6, 2021 for a new pathway to permanent residency that will accept the first 40,000 eligible applicants.

Application opens May 6, 2021 through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and will end on either November 5, 2021, or until the limit has been reached.


  1. Have completed, between January 1, 2017 and May 5, 2021, a program of study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), where a degree was issued on completion of a program of at least 8 months in duration.
  2. Had been authorized to study throughout their education in Canada.
  3. Are employed in Canada with a valid permit to work at the time the application for permanent residence is received, and must not be self-employed, unless working as a medical doctor in a fee-for-service arrangement with a health authority.
  4. Have attained a level of proficiency of at least benchmark 5 in either official language for each of the four language skill areas. The evaluation must be less than two (2) years old when the permanent residence application is received.
  5. Reside in Canada with valid temporary residence status (or be eligible to restore their status) and be physically present in Canada at the time the application for permanent residence is received and when the application is approved.
  6. Intend to reside in a province or territory other than Quebec
  7. Submit documentation to provide all proof necessary to satisfy an officer that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements of this public policy, except for evidence required to demonstrate physical presence in Canada at the time of application approval
  8. Have submitted their application for permanent residence under this public policy using electronic means, with exceptions for those who cannot submit electronically due to a disability

The GSA strongly supports any current and former international graduate students in obtaining their permanent residency in Canada. International graduate students contribute significant value to Canada’s diversity, culture, and economy, and we hope this new Permanent Residence pathway is a positive step forward for our international graduate students to stay in Canada after their studies. 

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Public Policy:


  1. I am PhD candidate in Environmental Design at SAPL (3rd year) in fall 2021 I will start my 4th year.
    Before I sgtarted my PhD I studied in the International Foundations Program at the School of Education. 2016-2017.
    I would like to know if I am elegible to apply.
    Thank you,

    Veronica Briseno Castrejon

  2. Hi there,

    I wanted to know about the application fee of this process. Additionally, what will happen if we apply but our application would be received after the limit has been reached? Will we get a refund?

  3. Hi,
    Is it announced how to apply for this program? I mean is there any specific portal to apply through or do we need to apply using the cic website?


  4. i m meeting all the requirement of this public policy.
    i m working which means i m employed.
    but my employer is not giving me employment letter. he refused to do that.
    what should i do.
    please guide me.

  5. Hello,

    As the IRCC is accepting 40,000 international students to be permanent residents, I am looking forward to submitting my application this May 6, 2021. After reading the eligibility requirements for that programme, I was wondering what link and on what documents shall I submit my applications?

    Also, I would be grateful if you could share with me the steps to be taken to submit my application as the website does not explicitly state how to submit it stepwise.

    I am thinking of starting my PhD studies this Fall. Will I need to apply for a study permit? If it is so, is that going to affect the processing of my permanent residency?

    Thank you.


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