Get to know Mina, the executive in charge of the GSA’s finances!

For Mina, the VP Finance and Services is his second executive position within the GSA. He was the VP Student Life last year, and in this new role, he expects to learn and support #UCalgaryGradStudents on a different level including the supervision of GSA & LDL’s finances, the GSA Health & Dental Plan, and bursaries.


The most important focus of the VP Finance and Services position with the new strategic plan is to create a sustainable financial model for the GSA’s revenues. The goal is by April 2022, to generate 5% of total revenue of the GSA from streams other than student fees.

The goal is by April 2022, 5% of operating revenue of the GSA will be generated from sources other than student fees.

Three main goals for Mina this year are:

  1. Develop literacy workshops on the topic of personal and corporate financial management for graduate students;
  2. Monitor the H&D plan performance with the new contract. Minimize complains, tracking this with the GSA President; and
  3. Initiate sustainable revenue model discussions with the GSA ED and President.


Mina oversees two committees:

  • Sustainability Committee: manages the GSA and Last Defence Lounge’s sustainability effort including internal operations, awareness events, partnership, and collaboration. Apply to be a member of this committee now! Details HERE
  • Finance Standing Committee: reviews financial statement of the GSA and LDL monthly and reports to GRC twice a year.

Email for any ideas to develop a sustainable revenue model for the GSA or to be involved with the financial management work of the GSA.

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