Mental Health & Wellness Committee

The Mental Health and Wellness Committee (MHWC) is built of 19 members and led by the Committee chairs, Veronika Kiryanova and Jennifer Mitchell. The MHWC aims to address the gaps that exist at University of Calgary, to more fully support the mental health of graduate students. The goals of this committee include:

  • Creating a more positive and social community for graduate students at the UCalgary.
  • Providing graduate students with up-to-date information about in- and outside of the university resources that support and promote graduate student mental health.
  • A) Providing workshops that promote physical and mental well-being of graduate students and B) workshops and talks that disseminate up-do-date, research- supported, and clinical-psychologist-approved mental health information.
  • Advocating for students with mental health issues and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness among graduate students and their supervisors.
  • Developing a number of initiatives, including an anti-addiction initiative, policy review, and a stigma reduction programs.
  • Being involved in a number of University and Government organizations, committees and initiatives with the goal of representing graduate student and making their mental health needs known and addressed

If you want to learn more about the committee, ask a question or share a concern,
please do not hesitate to contact us at

Committee Members:
Alicia Zumbusch
Ivana Kiroski
Jennifer Bon Bernard
Julia Smith
Kamala Adhikari Dahal
Katharine Victoria Jensen
Maede Ejaredar
Manal Sheikh
Mehrafarin Ramezani
Myra Chen
Petra McDougall
Ruth Diaz
Tatum Mitra
Theresa Jubenville
Tiffany Becks
Tristan Hynes
Melanie Foerster