LRC Updates: Return to Campus Survey and Recommendations

Fill out our Survey

As the Fall semester approaches, there are lots of questions surrounding COVID-19 and our rights as Teaching Assistants. 

To allow us to better advocate for graduate workers, please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey based on recent COVID-policy changes from both the Alberta Government and the University of Calgary.

Communicate with your Faculty about your TAship

In the meantime, we are encouraging all graduate workers to take the following steps: all grad students who will be (or who expect to be) a TA this Fall semester should speak to their supervisor, graduate program advisor, or person responsible for assigning TA-ships to discuss your concerns and preferences around your TA duties. 

If you have any particular concerns (health or otherwise) making you or your family members particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, it is important to communicate this. 

The University of Calgary wants all TAs to feel safe and supported in their work, and this is best achieved through two-way communication. These conversations should be had as soon as possible, since accommodations may take time to implement.

Your Rights

There are two rights described in our Collective Agreement that are important to know about:

  • The right to refuse unsafe work: if this is invoked, there will be an investigation into the safety of your workplace environment. If it is found to be safe, you will be required to return to that workplace.
  • The right to resign: at any point in the term, you can resign from your duties as a TA with two weeks’ notice and without explanation.

Exercising either of these rights will not affect your academic standing or your future employment. The GSA’s Labour Relation Committee will support and represent you if workplace conflicts arise, but we are encouraging early discussions to avoid these situations. 

If you have any questions or would like further guidance on how to approach this conversation, please reach out to your AVP Labour at