Information about LDL coupon claim program

Claim your LDL coupons that expired after March 15, 2020!

As the Last Defence Lounge (LDL) has been closed since March 17, 2020, the GSA is giving a one-month window (June 1 to 30, 2021) for any LDL coupon holders to claim the awarded coupon amount with replacement gift card(s) from selected vendors.

Please note: This program only applies to LDL coupons that expired after March 15, 2020.

LDL coupon holders can make the claim using this Qualtrics form by providing the coupon information (memo, number, and amount) and a photo for proof.

Please note:

  • Unfortunately, we won’t process your request if you aren’t able to provide the requested information and the photo of the coupon(s) for proof.
  • For those with multiple LDL coupons, please provide the requested information for all of the LDL coupons.
  • If a LDL coupon is issued to a DGA, whoever has the LDL coupon(s) in their possession can fill out the request for the DGA and the replacement gift card(s) will be issued to the requester. The requester will need to arrange with the DGA afterwards on how to use the gift card(s).

Submit your LDL coupon claim request here:

If you have any questions, please email for answers.

See attached for a sample of the LDL coupon and where you can find the requested information on the LDL coupon.