GSA Return to Campus Survey Results

The results for the GSA Return to Campus survey are in. A total of 1,104 responses were recorded, representing 15% of the UCalgary graduate student population. Thanks everyone for participating in this important survey.

Survey results indicate that the respondents are divided about returning to campus: 47% of respondents are comfortable and 46% are uncomfortable.

When asked if they believe that the university is ready to have all students and employees return to campus, 46.05% think that the university is not ready to have all students and employees back to campus this Fall, 18.38% is unsure, and the rest (35.56%) believe that the university is ready.

Overwhelmingly, respondents want flexibility in course delivery so that they could access the course material online when they feel uncomfortable attending in-person classes/study or when they are ill and need to isolate.

Read the full survey results here.

The GSA will be using this survey information to support our advocacy efforts with the UCalgary to ensure a safe and smooth return for UCalgary graduate students.