GSA Blog: Five things you should know about GSA Committees! – July 2019

  1. There are a total of 8 committees.

The GSA has 8 committees under the portfolio of the 5 Executives and the AVP Labour:

President: Governance Committee

VP Academic: Academic Support Committee and Awards Committee

VP External: External Advocacy Committee

VP Student Life: Student Experience and Events Committee

VP Finance and Services: Sustainability Committee and Finance Committee

AVP Labour: Labour Relations Committee

Each committee works in a different area to support graduate student experience on campus including advocacy, academic support, student experience, and labour relations. Each committee is governed by a Chair and a Vice Chair. To learn more about the purpose of each committee, please visit the Committees page:

  1. The Student Experience and Events Committee has 5 subcommittees.

    Including: Mental Health and Wellness, Gender and Sexuality Alliance or [GSA]^2, Newcomers and International Students, Community Engagement, and Events.
    Due to the complexity of the student engagement and support under the portfolio of VP Student Life, 5 subcommittees listed above were established to cater to the different groups and needs of graduate students. The Student Experience and Events Committee acts as the umbrella committee to provide funding to the subcommittees’ events and activities as well as connect the effort of these subcommittees to avoid overlaps and foster collaboration.

  2. The Chairs and Vice Chairs of GSA Committees establish the GSA’s Senior Leadership Team.

    The GSA’s Senior Leadership Team meets once per month and serves as the advisory board to the Executive Board.

  3. There were 200 graduate student volunteers in the 2018-2019 academic year that involved in the operations and activities of the committees and subcommittees.

    Together, they put thousands of hours to give back to the graduate student community. In 2018-2019, a total of 410 award applications and 50+ GSA policies and DGA bylaws were reviewed; 70+ events were hosted; and committee representatives attended over 20 events with UCalgary committees that furthered enhance graduate student voice on campus.

  4. Every year, the GSA gives away awards to the outstanding volunteers including the Lifetime Achievement Award and Volunteer Excellence Awards at our annual Awards Gala.

    The GSA also hosts the Volunteer Appreciation Party at the end of each academic year and gives a lot of great perks for our volunteers including special GSA-branded items. However, the biggest benefits identified by our volunteers are the friendships, enhanced skills, and rich experience they gained from being involved with our committees. Many of our past volunteers continued on to take a larger leadership role within the GSA which adds priceless value to their resume and future career. Read some of the testimonials from our past volunteers on our Volunteer Recruitment Program page HERE:

Many of our committees and subcommittees are currently recruiting members.

Don’t miss this chance to get involved in the great work the GSA and our volunteers are doing to enhance graduate student experience at UCalgary. Learn about the available positions HERE: Current GSA Volunteer Opportunities



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