Graduate Students are Calgarians Too

Mark your calendars.

On October 16, Calgarians will go to the polls to decide who will be our Mayor, Councillors, and School Board trustees for the next four years.

So why should we care?

Here’s why: Decisions made at the city level affect our everyday lives as graduate students. We live in this city. We travel to campus to work and learn. Our kids go to school here. Our daily lives are in part determined by the people in charge of the future of this city. These people we elect are responsible for making sure we feel welcome and safe in this city.

I understand that because we are a group of students from across the globe, not all of us can vote. But just because you cannot cast a ballot on October 16 (or at any of the advanced polling stations on campus), doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in the future of Calgary. One of the best things about municipal government is the ability for individuals to get involved. You can engage on Twitter. You can door knock for candidates. You can even volunteer as an election worker.

Or, here on campus, you can make sure your voice is heard by attending the GSA/SU/UCalgary Mayoral Forum and the GSA/SU Multi-Ward Meet and Greet. Make sure you submit a question for our mayoral candidates!

As Vice President External, my goal is to make sure that graduate student issues are heard loud and clear by those on city council. I am looking forward to working with the winning candidates to make sure this city is a welcoming and thriving place for us all.

I hope to see you at the forum and the meet and greet. It promises to be an exciting election, and I would be happy to talk to any and all of you about this great city I have called home for 27 years.


Willem Klumpenhouwer
Vice President External
Graduate Students’ Association