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What is #getinvolvedGSA?

This is a great new initiative from the GSA that aims to increase participation in GSA events and in so doing, build a stronger graduate student community on and off campus.

Why #getinvolvedGSA?

Win amazing prizes! One lucky winner of the month will receive:

  • Early access to the list of upcoming GSA events
  • Free admission to any upcoming GSA event of your choice
  • Special GSA swag

Get your story featured on the GSA web site and social media.

Enrich your life by exploring new skills and attractions around Calgary.

Gain skills and experience. It’s important to gain skills and experience by taking part in community events, volunteering for a committee or being in charge of a project. It helps you take full advantage of the University experience by having access to amazing resources and opportunities. Being a graduate student is more than just coursework and research; it’s about being able to fully integrate your academic learning and your real life experience into a viable and desirable career. Being involved in the community will help you:

  • Build your resume/CV
  • Grow your professional network
  • Add leadership experience to your scholarship applications
  • Make friends
  • Take care of your mental and physical health
  • Experience Canadian culture (if you’re a newcomer!)

How can you #getinvolvedGSA?

  • Attend GSA events or volunteer with the GSA
  • Post your photos or videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the #getinvolvedGSA
  • Submit your #getinvolvedGSA story to be featured on our website and social media
  • Complete our post-event surveys

Apply by September 24, 2018

Alberta Award