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What is #getinvolvedGSA?

This is a great new initiative from the GSA that aims to increase participation in GSA events and in so doing, build a stronger graduate student community on and off campus.

Why #getinvolvedGSA?

It’s important to gain skills and experience by taking part in community events, volunteering for a committee or being in charge of a project. It helps you take full advantage of the University experience by having access to amazing resources and opportunities. Being a graduate student is more than just coursework and research; it’s about being able to fully integrate your academic learning and your real life experience into a viable and desirable career. Being involved in the community will help you:

  • Build your resume/CV
  • Grown your professional network
  • Add leadership experience to your scholarship applications
  • Make friends
  • Take care of your mental and physical health
  • Experience Canadian culture (if you’re a newcomer!)

How can you #getinvolvedGSA?

  • Attend GSA events –  read your weekly GSA News & Views newsletter, check out our website, or follow us on social media to find out about upcoming events and to register
  • Check the UCalgary event calendar & the Level Up calendar for weekly prize giveaways
  • Post your photos on Instagram and Twitter using the #getinvolvedGSA to win prizes and to see how other students are getting involved
  • Submit your #getinvolvedGSA story to be featured on our website and social media