Funding FAQs

Q: Who evaluates my application, and how does the evaluation process work?

A: The GSA Awards Committee is populated by a team of 40+ graduate students (including some postdocs) from all departments and faculties. Once all applications are received, the Awards Chair responsible for that award assigns each application to be reviewed by the committee members. Typically, each application is evaluated by 4 or 5 evaluators, who grade the application using a comprehensive rubric. The various scores are aggregated and statistical methods such as z-scores are used to ensure consistency of the scores. Once all applications are graded, the committee meets to rank the applicants and select the winners.

Q: For the GSA Graduate Citizenship Award, how do I submit my reference letters?

A: For this Award, it is required that the reference letters be submitted by the applicant along with the application package. References sent directly to the awards chairs will not be accepted.

Q: Are the payments taxable?

A: No. The payments are considered scholarships/fellowships and are thus not taxable.

Q: I have a conference that will be held outside either of the intakes for Grants. How far can I apply in advance or in retrospect?

A: According to the updated regulations, you can apply up to one year in advance or in retrospect. Check the award/grant Terms of Reference for more specific details.

Q: If my application is rejected, can I get feedback on why it didn’t go through? If so, what kind of feedback can I expect?

A: Feedback can be requested from the Awards Chairs after the results have been announced, and the applicants have a right to appeal a decision if they feel that they have legitimate ground for doing so. Please note, feedback is cannot be guaranteed due to the high volume of applications received.

Q: For Grants, can I apply as part of a group and also as an individual?

A: As part of the revamped Grant process (referred to as the Professional Development Grant), a single application form is only for individual applications.

Q: I want to host a workshop/speaker series/conference on campus. Do I apply to Quality Money or Grant? What if my event goes over the amount given by Grant?

A: This may be more suited to the Quality Money funding, however please review the Terms of Reference for specific details.

Q: I have a financial situation and I would like to apply to the GSA for financial support, but the Bursary application window has passed. What other options do I have?

A: If there is urgent financial need, please contact the GSA with a request for an Emergency Bursary.

Q: What is Alberta Student Number, where should I find it?

A: If post-secondary studies is your first education in Alberta, you can request for student number through the following link:

click on learner registry and on the left panel, click on request ASN online.
If you have any question about the process you can contact this number for assistance, 1-855- 606-2096