Executives’ Blog: What you wish you knew before starting graduate school

As many of new graduate students will be starting their grad school journey in the upcoming weeks, our experienced executives have shared what they wish they knew before grad school in this Executives’ Blog. We hope these advices will help many of the new graduate students know what to focus on to be successful.

Underneath are the advices from our Executives:

First off, Mohammad, GSA President, wishes he knew about the different social clubs and organizations at the University of Calgary so he could expand his network. In addition to network resources, Mohammad also wishes he knew more about the various professional development resources such as the UCalgary’s Career Services.

On the other hand, VP Academic Mohamed wishes he could’ve written his thesis the moment he started his degree. Mohamed also mentions the importance of balancing between the social and academic life. He suggests to get involved with other extracurricular activities such as volunteering or learning a new hobby because grad school is long and requires a lot of motivation.

Marcela, our VP External, wishes she knew that progress takes immense time and dedication; therefore, do not on any circumstances leave anything last minute. In saying this, she also emphasizes that it is okay not to be okay as everyone has their ups and downs.

Our VP Student Life, Basem advises new students to understand that mental strength comes from flexibility and adaption when going through the grad school journey. In addition, Basem mentions that healthy minds come from healthy habits so it is important to eat, rest, and exercise appropriately.

Lastly, Mina, our VP Finance and Services, wishes he knew that grad school is a lot of work, which even requires more commitment than working for a company.

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