Graduate Research Networks

The GSA is here to enhance the experience of all grad students, and one of the ways in which we do this is by encouraging engagement by facilitating Graduate Research Networks (GRNs). We encourage you to establish your own network following your research interests.

GRNs are important because they allow students to take an active role in their education and in the grad school experience. Launching in June 2014, the GSA’s GRN policy encourages the growth of GRNs on campus. Thanks to this policy, the GSA has revolutionized academic involvement, social engagement and communication methods and strategies for graduate students.

By registering your Graduate Research Network with the GSA it allows you to potentially receive recognition and funding from sources that may not have been available otherwise. Please review the GRN handbook and if you have any questions, contact the VP Student Life,

Graduate Research Network Handbook

List of Registered Graduate Research Networks