Collective Agreement Bargaining Team

Call for Bargaining Team Volunteers!

Negotiations for our collective agreement will begin this year. Your Labour Relations Committee wants to have a team in place to begin this process. We are seeking interested members to join our bargaining team in either an outreach, steering, or negotiating role.

Outreach Team

  • Create surveys and organize outreach sessions (think town halls) to gather information about priorities of Academically Employed Graduate Students
  • Produce reports based on gathered data 

Useful Skills: precise communication, organization, teamwork, quantitative and qualitative analysis 

Time commitment: minimal, 4-6 hours per month

Steering Team

  • Determine bargaining priorities based on outreach reports 
  • Instruct and oversee the negotiating team 

Useful Skills: critical thinking, leadership, teamwork

Time commitment: moderate, 4-6 hours per month during data collection phase, upwards to 16 hours per month directly leading up to negotiations 

Negotiating Team

  • Sit at the negotiation table with lead negotiator (PSAC will provide a professional negotiator to act as lead) 
  • Work with lead negotiator to determine negotiation strategy 
  • Report to Steering team after each bargaining session 
  • Will receive training by PSAC, but prior experience or training is an asset

Useful Skills: active listening, patience, adaptability, emotional intelligence

Time commitment: high, during negotiations day long bargaining sessions are most productive (8 hours per day) with 2-3 sessions booked back to back. However, we recognize academic commitments and short breaks to conduct research/perform employment duties are accommodated.

Outreach will begin immediately, while the steering and negotiating teams will become active depending on the outreach team’s timeline as well as when negotiations begin. Because teams may change during bargaining, members do not need to commit to the entire process, however we ask for a commitment of at least two months.

If you are interested in helping, please indicate which team and submit a short statement of interest and/or resume to

If you have any questions, contact