Get to know your 2019-2020 VP Student Life, Basem Halawa

Basem was elected as the VP Student Life of the GSA in the 2019 By-election hosted in April 2019. Basem is currently a Master’s student in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Water Resources engineering. His research focuses on applying numerical modeling, machine learning, and visualization tools for separating relevant environmental fluid dynamics of different flows.

Basem has been involved with the GSA since he started his Master’s degree at UCalgary. Last year, he was the Chair of the Community Engagement and Events Subcommittee, spearheaded the Building Bridges initiative and many other new events for graduate students. This year, he is honoured to be elected as the VP Student Life.

He has some short-term plans within his portfolio that he would like to implement this year: 1) add extra spring and summer graduate student events; 2) diversify the GSA’s discounted ticket program; 3) enhance the sustainability of the GSA committees by hosting team building events for the committees’ chairs and members.

In his long-term plan, Basem would like to introduce a brand-new graduate student service. For example, a discounted travel package program, a series of family-oriented events, or a mental health workshop series with certification of completion in partnership with the Wellness Centre and the Mental Health and Wellness Subcommittee. More details will be provided soon!

Basem is keen to hear from you about any new ideas, feedback, and suggestions to improve the GSA’s events and services! Feel free to send him an email or book a meeting with him.

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